1. Choose your box size and rental term

At each of our branches you have a choice of box sizes and rental plan durations or terms. We suggest you visit us in person to see the sizes for yourself.  Our trained staff will be able to assist you in choosing the right size and can explain about our service and pricing.

See box plans available at our Ilford (Goodmayes) branch

See box plans available at our Harrow branch



2. Bring your ID Documents

Bring one PHOTO ID

ANY ONE document from below

  • Valid (in-date) UK/EEA Passport
  • Valid  UK/EEA Photo Driving License
  • Valid NON-EEA Passport with UK VISA

Bring one PROOF of ADDRESS

ANY ONE document from any of the sections below:

(must be no older than 3 months)

  • Utility Bill (Either Gas, Electric, Home Phone or Water).  [A mobile phone bill is not acceptable]
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Mortgage Statement

HMRC Documents
(must either be less than 6 months old or dated within the current tax year)

  • Notification of Coding or Demand
  • Disabled Persons Tax Credit
  • National Insurance Contribution Account Statement

Benefits Agency – Notification
(must have been issued within the last 12 months and be valid
for current or future benefits)

  • Child Benefit
  • Working Tax Cedit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Pension

3. Sign-up and Deposit

We accept debit and credit cards for your initial payment only [Credit cards incur a 2% surcharge].  Recurring box fees are paid by Direct Debit.

Once the paperwork is complete we will supply your keys and show you how to access your box.  You will be able to deposit items into your box straight away.