Sovereign Safe Deposit Centres recognise that for your added peace of mind you may wish to insure the contents of your safe deposit box.

Insurance cover up to £500k is available to purchase for your box at very competitive prices.  The Insurance is underwritten by syndicates at Lloyds of London.

Please call us for more information about Insurance cover and prices.


We offer our customers the ability to have the contents of their safe deposit box valued on-site at our braches.  Valuations are performed by leading Jewellers in the area who have been expertly conducting valuations on behalf of insurance companies and clients for many years.

Once you book your valuation, the valuer will come and meet you in the secure valuation room at our branches where you can observe the valuer perform their work.  This means that you do not have to inconveniently take your valuables off-site to the jeweller and put them and yourself at risk.

The valuation will be kept strictly confidential between only you and the valuer .  At no time do we ever know the value of your items as per our policy.

Please enquire for the very competitive cost of this service.